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I am Debs, I am a healer, a therapist, a writer, a teacher and am mostly at the beckoned call of my naughty rescue dogs, wayward chickens and demanding ducks. Like so many, I had a troublesome childhood and have spent many years on a healing journey – as we all are – meeting amazing people, reading some wonderful books and also meeting some dubious people! I have cried a lot but laughed more.

After many years of working as a Natural Health Therapist and teaching CKT, I decided to change my life totally by moving to Sri Lanka where I looked after rather a lot of dogs in a rescue centre and learnt a lot of valuable lessons! I then returned to Europe and lived in Brittany renovating a cottage and learning more lessons… I am now living in the beautiful Cornish countryside. I adore connecting with nature and am blessed to live somewhere so beautiful surrounded by wildlife and beauty. Because of my own healing journey I have a deep belief that the changes we want to see in this world must start from within us, no exceptions.

I am passionate about helping others to live from their hearts and to follow their path to happiness and love, I know that is available for us all, it is our choice to take it. It is my dream to live surrounded by nature, to create a space where nature, wildlife, animals and people can live side by side in harmony, find peace and feel safe – to read more about this project see

I consider myself to be hugely lucky, I have arrived at a point in my life where I adore what I do, I am still healing, learning, growing and changing and love to share this journey with others who are on this same crazy and exciting ride we call life!