Live Sessions

One to one sessions to explore any blocks or issues that are holding you back.
Whether it’s from the past or present, together we can help you to move forward

Your Live Session

Do you want to talk? One to one sessions take place via phone, Skype or Zoom. You can use this time as an opportunity to share your experiences and explore any blocks or issues you are facing from the past or present. My aim with these sessions is to listen and to offer intuitive guidance, tools and support as you walk your path.

Sessions are tailored to you. ? Each one hour session is a chance to discuss any areas of life where you may be feeling blocked, stuck or in need of some guidance. At times, receiving a recording can bring up further questions and these sessions are also an opportunity to discuss these thoughts and feelings. Sessions can also be used for your own psychic development.

Once you have booked your sessions I will be in touch to arrange a convenient day and time with you. For more information or to check if this is the right path for you, please get in touch.