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The Nature of Chaos

The Nature of Chaos

It has been a long time since I have felt the call to write but today the call seems to have arrived. On a personal level I have been processing the grief of losing my Mum and also a move of country, letting go of our home and then a further two moves of location….

do nothing but love

Do Nothing But Love.

Our natural reaction, generally, when seeing a loved one in emotional or physical pain, is to try and fix it. Maybe there is someone you care for who is in a relationship which looks and feels destructive and unhealthy yet they cannot seem to take steps to change it. Or perhaps someone you love is…

Embrace Your Human Self!

Embrace Your Human Self!

So many of us are on a spiritual quest, a journey, a path, whatever you want to call it, we are seekers and looking always for that spiritual goal of peace, joy, oneness, unconditional love amongst other things. You name it, we are after it! Of course “it” can be pretty elusive and cause some…

springing back to life

Springing back to life (boing!)

With any change of season comes changes within the body, be they physical, mental or emotional. We are natural beings therefore we are not excluded from the process that nature takes, year in, year out. During the change from summer to autumn then winter, we benefit from beginning the process of preparation, for reaping what…

Elevaton - accept yourself

Accept Yourself

Being spiritual is not a competition to see if you can be more spiritual than the next person. It is not about wearing tie dye and drinking twig tea. It is about being true to who you are, striving always to move forward but loving and accepting yourself where you are right now. You are…

Elevation - open hearted

Be Open Hearted

A closed heart cannot receive love any more than it can send it out. You can intend to let go of anything blocking your heart from being open, old relationships can have a big impact on shutting your heart, particularly if you have been hurt so intending to let go of old wounds is important….


Laugh til you Fall Over

Sometimes life feels full of drama and too difficult to find space to laugh. However having a sense for the ridiculous has got me through many an unhappy situation. When all feels overwhelming remember this “blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never fail to be amused”. Find something to make…

being with nature - nature drops

Being with Nature

I have used flower remedies for many years and always find them to be a gentle yet effective method of helping, particularly with emotional balance. Inspired by my own experiences on my healing journey I now create my own Nature Drops vibrational essences for people and animals. These essences are specifically designed to support you…

thank you

Thank You!

The law of attraction and being grateful for what we have is quite well known, however I wanted to reiterate the importance of this as I have found on a personal level being in “an attitude of gratitude” so hugely helpful. If you can stop for just 5 minutes everyday and look around you at…


The Smallest Butterfly

Sitting in the hedgerow (a fairly normal place for me to sit) I was struck with insight when watching three butterflies. Two of these were large, beautiful with white markings, the third was a small brown type, very plain but equally as beautiful. The two white ones were chasing the smaller brown one and seemed…