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open heartedA closed heart cannot receive love any more than it can send it out. You can intend to let go of anything blocking your heart from being open, old relationships can have a big impact on shutting your heart, particularly if you have been hurt so intending to let go of old wounds is important. Guilt from the past can also cause a closed heart, part of you may feel you do not deserve love, again, letting go of this is important. You can visualise doorways in your heart chakra (centre of chest) and imagine them opening and filling up with pink light. Something I have always found helpful is when i have been beating myself up about something I should have said or not said or done or not done is to imagine I was a child, see myself standing in front of me and then stop and think. What would you do with a child in front of you crying through guilt, fear, sadness? Would you beat them?? No, of course not, you would give them a hug. Do that to the mini you standing in front of yourself, give yourself a big hug and imagine tucking that mini you into your heart and giving the love to yourself that you need and deserve. Anne Jones is the most amazing healer who works with assisting you to open your heart, her website is on the inspiration page.


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