springing back to life

Springing back to life (boing!)

springing back to lifeWith any change of season comes changes within the body, be they physical, mental or emotional. We are natural beings therefore we are not excluded from the process that nature takes, year in, year out. During the change from summer to autumn then winter, we benefit from beginning the process of preparation, for reaping what we have grown, closing down to give our body and mind a chance to rest, regroup, recharge and to work towards the process of new shoots forming. As we move then from winter through to spring, we begin to feel the urge of new life, new thoughts, new creative energy, new buds of fresh ideas and insights. As we move more fully into spring we begin to unfurl all of these shoots and have more energy to put into these new pursuits and ideas.

However…. As much as we are beings of nature and part of the natural process, the lives that we live generally are not given the opportunity to fit into the patterns and rhythms of nature. We force ourselves to work when it is dark, to not sleep until we have finished what we are doing, to keep ourselves alert and awake through artificial means. We do not rest, hibernate and prepare the ground for these new ideas. So what we can then find is that come the spring time, the new is trying to arrive but our physical and emotional body is still too tired, not refreshed or recuperated in the way that it should be, it has not had the opportunity to keep in step with nature and begins to struggle to keep up. Compare yourself, just for a moment, to a tree. During the winter months the tree looks completely dormant, to some it may even look dead, it stays apparently still. We saw the process of it clearing the old in the autumn but now, we do not see the regeneration and recharging going on underneath. We only understand this has happened when the tree once more springs to life with new buds and shoots pushing out to make way for new branches and bright shiny new leaves and fruit.

So, how do we bring the balance back in to our lives that nature would bring had we allowed ourselves to stay in the pattern of the seasons? I have found that the vibration of nature can be bought to us in other ways whenever we need it. We can spend as much time in nature as possible, soaking up the energy of that moment, allowing it to fill us, connect us back in to the earth and the rhythm that should be natural to us. If you have heard of Earthing then you will understand the benefits of simply putting bare feet onto the earth (yes, chilly at times but absolutely worth it for the benefits!) If that is not possible as frequently as needed, then we may find a little helping hand in the way of essences. Essences can work by bringing in the energy vibration that we are in need of to help us along the way, whatever that may be at the time. As we move fully into spring and feel the urge to become more energetic, the greater part of us naturally wants to mimic the tree and spring back into life, the part that has had to remain disconnected from nature can benefit by being bought back into alignment using the vibration of that time, to reap the benefits that nature garnered during her winter slumber. I use the vibration of the seasons to collect this energy, bottle it and then take that when needed. It brings the body and mind back into balance with the “now” and allows a moving forward fully into the amazing energy that is spring, full of renewed vigour, creativity and passion for life!

I will be talking about this very subject as a guest speaker on a Spring Equinox Cleanse and Restore online retreat welcome call. You can find out more about this by following the link here – www.eventbrite.co.uk/spring-equinox-natural-cleanse-restore-online-retreat

I am organising some dates for essence workshops to help you to make your own vibrational essences, do let me know if you are interested in these and I will keep you posted. For information on essences you can also visit Nature Drops


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  1. You hit the nail on the head. Trees carry vibration and so does all of nature. We are all out of step with nature – and the result of that is chaos and ignorance. We have forgotten our roots and we have forgotten our source, that is – life should be about abundance – not the opposite! Lovely flower pic. I love daffs in drifts… E

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